Here are some great destinations, picknick spots, sights to see and activities possible to reach within an hour by car.

Either you are looking for some cultural activity, or the exciting experience of the Lake Cave of Tapolca, the Kinizsi Castle in Nagyvázsony or the hundreds of facilities by the Lake Balaton, You will definitely find something fitting for your taste below!

Porcelaine manufacture of Herend

Visitors can get know the manufacture's more than 185 years old history and the way it works nowadays. In the contemporary visitors center You can take a look at the world of porcelaine production and meet the artists, creating this beautiful pieces of art. This will be an unforgettable experience!

Boat trip on the Balaton

From Balatonfüred, the northern center of the Lake Balaton, there are many possibilities if You wish to get know the coast. On the Jókai Nostalgia Boat with enough room for a hundred person, or even on a sailboat You can ship around. It also possible to organize meetings, parties or celebrations on board.


The Koloska Valley

One of the favourite destinations of local picknickers. Built fireplaces in a beautiful, romantic sorrounding with rocks and nature all around, a well and forest playground. A cool trip for the roughneck bikers either!

From August 2013 there is a 2.2 acres animal park, which is open and free too visit from 8:00 to 18:00 every day. In the park there are eight species, like deer, fallow and pheasant. You can also take great photos or watch the sight from a high-stand.

Geyserites in Tihany

The geyserite or geyser-cone is a fossilized formation of sludge, brought to the ground by the steam and hot water. There are still more than hundred cone on the 3 million years old geyser-field. A fascinating sight, great place to visit and the restaurants and cafés of Tihany are not far either. At some of them You can enjoy your meal or coffee on a terrace, while the whole lake is under your feet.

Castle of Essegvár

The ruins of the castle are in Bánd, about 30 km's from Tótvázsony. The first wings were built of wood, around 1270 in the 13th century, then they were rebuilt of stone in the 14th century and completed with houses, a Knights' Hall and a cistern. The reconstruction of the ruins began in 2003, and since then the castle always gets a more fascinating and exciting place to visit, with many parts under the ground. More interesting information

Yew plantation of Szentgál

In the area there are lots of rare and special plants that likes the damp, shady climate. Let your car in the village of Bánd and take an easy trip, either for those, who are taking a hike occasionally, but everyone would enjoy the forest of 200 years old trees.

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